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Video: Stop Sending Jobs Overseas

At a Press Event at the Blue Heron Paper Mill in Oregon City, details of a new study were released which finds trade-related job loss a significant factor in Oregon's high unemployment rate.
Press Event at Blue Heron Paper Mill
(Adapted in part from the Press Event News Release)

On June 29, 2010, displaced workers, union leaders and fair trade advocates gathered outside the Blue Heron paper mill in Oregon City to release a new study about the affect of trade-related job loss on Oregon's high unemployment rate. 2009 was an unprecedented year in Oregon for trade-related job losses certified by the U.S. Labor Department -- more than 300% higher than usual.

Laid-off Blue Heron employees certified by the federal government this month to receive "Trade Adjustment Assistance" are among nearly 10,000 Oregonians who have lost jobs due to either direct off shoring or competition from imports over the past four quarters.

Addressing these issues were Gregory Pallesen, Vice President, Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers and Arthur Stamoulis, Director, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign

Spontaneously, following the Press Event, citizens walked a few blocks through downtown Oregon City to the office of Rep. Kurt Schrader, the Representative from Oregon's 5th District, who has not been forthcoming about his views on a recent piece of legislation called the H.R. 3012, Trade Act
About a month ago Schrader promised to get back to trade activists concerning his views on this Congressional bill, and had not as of that afternoon.

Video is about 12 minutes in length.

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hemp for economic & ecological remediation 30.Jun.2010 18:07


Hemp is a superior fiber for paper and hemp composite building materials are far stronger than traditional lumber, plus the crop regrows in a year not several hundred years. If the areas growing hops for the beer habit of the NW had hemp fields growing we could do away with a couple problems, feed two birds with one stone. The nation is about to collapse, the ecology of Earth can't support humans for more than a few more decades at our rate of population growth and resource consumption. The trivial struggle to save the environment here and exploit it elsewhere shows the denial of our socialization. The whole Earth and all the lifeforms here are imperilled because of civilization. We might really want to change, yet maybe we're just fulfilling the book.