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community building

star e rose cafe needs your talents!

were looking for bands, artists, performers and resources.
Star E rose cafe is looking for some great talents to come play at the cafe. Were looking for bands, circus freaks, belly dancers, acrobats, artists anyone who can make a crowd happy. were open to new ideas and concepts. were looking for folks who are energetic and excited about performing in a place that is known for its offbeat attitude and unwillingness to conform to the norm. Were unable to pay you but in exchange we will try and draw a crowd and give you a beer and a bite to eat and we will support you in all your artistic endeavors. were a struggling locally owned and now wORKERS COOPERATIVE business on a street that once catered to circus folks and art freaks but is now struggling amongst the growing gentrification. we've been around for almost 15 years and we've refused to change and become just another cafe in a city of cafes. if you want to be a part of community space , a safe space, a space that wants YOU to be you then email us and we will get you on our stage !
and check out our facebook

homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/starerose
address: address: 2403 ne alberta

an idea 10.Jul.2010 00:56

Ecotopian Yeti

Why not make it the Cascadian Bioregional hang out?

Stick a flag up on a pole and proclaim locally owned and produced.