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Portland filmmaker and Haiti activist Paul Reineke presents In Defense of Justice a film about the work of the Haitian grassroots human rights organization AUMOHD. Following the film will be an open discussion of the current situation in Haiti: post-quake activities (will Lavalas be excluded again?), upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, and the threats (and hopes) for justice and democracy in Haiti. This is a free event, but please bring a contribution for AUMOHD's continued work.
Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm
People's Food Co-op Community Room
3029 SE 21st Ave (between Powell and Division)

View the trailer here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr8A-NI1qHQ

In Defense of Justice (2008) follows the Haitian human rights organization AUMOHD (The Association of University Graduates Motivated for a Haiti with Rights) in their daily advocacy work in the prisons, courthouses and poor communities of Port-au-Prince. The film documents AUMOHD's major human rights programs: from their long-standing success in freeing illegally held prisoners to their establishment and training of neighborhood-based human rights organizations - the Community Human Rights Councils - to the investigation and documentation of human rights violations and violence - including those committed by UN forces in Haiti since 2004. AUMOHD President and attorney, Evel Fanfan, provides insights into the inner workings (and failings) of the Haitian justice system - from cash-strapped and overburdened judges to physical abuse in the prisons - and how AUMOHD works within the system to promote and achieve justice under the law.
Run time 51min 40sec

I just watched the trailer 29.Jun.2010 19:11

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talk about Human Rights and police abuse

thanks Paul, for doing this work and informing us about AUMOHD