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Help Out The Gulf Coast Oil Refugees!

Ad hoc BP-Disaster oil refugee sites are being formed on the Internet now. Some are much better than others. The "HELP GULF EVACUEES" forum is bullshit. It says:

 link to pub47.bravenet.com
"Gulf Coast evacuees need to be self sufficient and able to work or contribute in some fashion to those person(s) who assist them." But many refugees are going to be seriously sick, or old, or disabled. But these people don't care!
Here is perhaps a better site:

Haven - A meeting place for those affected by the oil disaster and those willing to lend a helping hand.

I am also starting a page on this (soon to be upgraded to independent status) blog:

" http://communitysurvival.wordpress.com/
Community Survival.

If you seek refugee assistance or can offer assistance, leave a comment here. Of course, the folks who assist and are assisted must know as much as possible about each other before becoming involved!