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Portland Haiti Solidarity group now forming

Portland has been in need of an established activist organization dedicated to supporting the people of Haiti. With two coup-de-etas and the consistent undermining of popular, democratic governance in Haiti by the United States, with upcoming elections that may yet again deny the Lavalas party from participation, and with the attention now sliding away from Haiti after the quake, now is the time for Portlanders to stand with the Haitian people.
If interested in learning more about Haiti - we can provide you with suggested readings, videos, etc. - or to get involved in the Portland Haiti Solidarity group now forming, email us at  tinywindow@riseup.net


Attend a Haiti Human Rights documentary and discussion event happening tomorrow evening. The event info is:

In Defense of Justice: Aumohd...for a Haiti with Rights
Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm
People's Food Co-op Community Room
3029 SE 21st Ave (between Powell and Division)

Portland filmmaker and Haiti activist Paul Reineke presents In Defense of Justice a film about the work of the Haitian grassroots human rights organization AUMOHD. Following the film will be an open discussion of the current situation in Haiti: post-quake activities, upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections (will Lavalas be excluded again?), and the threats (and hopes) for justice and democracy in Haiti. This is a free event, but please bring a contribution for AUMOHD's continued work.

Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm
People's Food Co-op Community Room
3029 SE 21st Ave (between Powell and Division)

In Defense of Justice (2008) follows the Haitian human rights organization AUMOHD (The Association of University Graduates Motivated for a Haiti with Rights) in their daily advocacy work in the prisons, courthouses and poor communities of Port-au-Prince. The film documents AUMOHD's major human rights programs: from their long-standing success in freeing illegally held prisoners to their establishment and training of neighborhood-based human rights organizations - the Community Human Rights Councils - to the investigation and documentation of human rights violations and violence - including those committed by UN forces in Haiti since 2004. AUMOHD President and attorney, Evel Fanfan, provides insights into the inner workings (and failings) of the Haitian justice system - from cash-strapped and overburdened judges to physical abuse in the prisons - and how AUMOHD works within the system to promote and achieve justice under the law.
Run time 51min 40sec

View the trailer here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr8A-NI1qHQ



In Solidarity

There is a community of Haitian immigrants already in Portland, and they have been organizing for a while -- even before the earthquake. The Society for Haitian Arts and Culture (SHAC) even sent a contingent of firefighters, nurses and other medical personnel to Haiti last February and screened a video of their relief efforts there. It is my understanding that SHAC is still continuing to fundraise and that they are looking for donations of waterproof tents and/or donations to purchase same.

For more information, please see

In addition, Portland Central American Solidarity Committee has also been organizing around the issue, but to a lesser extent. See www.pcasc.net

It would be particularly appropriate to contact the Society for Haitian Arts and Culture (SHAC), since they are Haitian members of the Portland community, to see what assistance they and Haiti would appreciate. It is always better for individuals to self-determine the assistance they need. (It is unclear to me whether this well-intentioned Portland Haiti Solidarity group is made up of Haitians.)

Thanks very much for hosting the film tomorrow evening at People's Food Co-Op.