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Mississippi Street Fair

Mississippi Street Fair is the largest street fair in Portland and benefits local schools. Attractions include over 30 acts on four stages; the "Local Brew Garden" with 7 craft breweries; over 100 Street Fair Vendors presented by Dreamer's Marketplace; "Whole Foods Local Bites" Pavillion; and Grandfather's Rib-Off Competition. Special attractions for kids include: "High Noon Parade", The Boise-Eliot Kids Corner, and kid music programming presented by Legacy Emanuel Hospital & The Children's Hospital at Emanuel.
9th Annual


10am to 9pm / All Ages / Free

Presented by: Historic Mississippi Ave Business Association (HMBA) & Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA)
Benefits: The Boise-Eliot Elementary and Albina Youth Opportunity Schools
Location: N Mississippi Ave - 5 blocks bounded by N Fremont and N Skidmore (closed to vehicular traffic)
Parade: At High Noon - all welcome

Nine years ago The Mississippi Avenue Street Fair began as a simple community-building event called the Boise-Eliot Multicultural Fair. The one-day event has since become Portland biggest street fair - attracting over 30,000 attendees in 2009 and sprawling over five city blocks in the heart of the Historic Mississippi Avenue Business District.

The attractions have grown along with the fair, here are a few highlights:

Four Stages of Entertainment:
With nearly 30 acts performing on four stages - there is something for everyone. Catch legacy acts like Linda Hornbuckle and Norman Sylvester on the Main Stage; discover emerging artists like Renegade Minstrels and The Beauty on The Courtyard and Dance stages. Be the first to get a sneak preview of the new Portland Folk Festival with the programming on The Parlour on the Hill stage. Plus for kids of all ages arrive early for a brand new kids' music program presented by Legacy Emanuel Hospital & The Children's Hospital at Emanuel on all multiple stages.

Local Brew Garden presented by Yelp:
Last year's sold-out organic beer garden was so well received by craft beer aficionados that fair returns with an expanded focus on "local" breweries including: Hopworks Urban Brewery, Lucky Labrador Brewing Company, Widmer Brothers Brewing Company, Lompoc Brewery, Ninkasi Brewing, Southern Oregon Brewing and 10 Barrel Brewing Company.

Whole Foods Local Bites:
Fifteen local growers and producers will be presenting their own products -from Habanero hot sauce to natural beef to locally grown basil - in a "farmer's market" style pavillion. Stop by to smell, taste and touch our commitment to LOCAL!

Over 100 Street Fair Vendors presented by Dreamer's Marketplace:
Explore over 100 of the region's most diverse artisans, products and services along the spine of the street fair! There is even a "Green Block" devoted to organizations and vendors involved in sustainable, green industries.

Boise-Eliot Kids Corner:
Interactive games, dunk tank, kids crafts, bingo, and more.

Grandfather's Rib-Off Competition:
"Grandfather" Leonard Smith's barbecue contest honors to the most deserving with samples available to all!


2009 Mississippi Avenue Street Fair photos

 link to pdxpipeline.com




Bridget Bayer, Chair /  punchbridges@gmail.com / 503.290.4377 - Mobile

homepage: homepage: http://www.mississippiave.com

Is this a call-out for a protest? 28.Jun.2010 19:09

can't afford a condo

angry! angry! angry! angry! angry! angry!

Can't you see what a great opportunity this is? 28.Jun.2010 20:21


Can't you see that this is a great opportunity to reach out to thousands of people who will attend this event? Here are some ideas:

  • Print out fliers and pass them around
  • Write a communique about the police killings, the arrests on the demos that followed, the arrests on G20, the gentrification and pass it around
  • If there is a little stage that bands play music, in between bands ask if you can read a little something and read the communique to the people watching the bands.
  • Set up a little table and give out free reading material
  • Make and put up a banner or two where everyone can see them
  • Set up a box for donations for Books to Prisoners, Food Not Bombs, Black Rose collective etc. Talk to people and explain why supporting them is important

Educate others and get more people involved!

Info booths etc. 30.Jun.2010 08:02



There are going to be many information booths and roving bands of people passing out flyers just as you suggest.
Veterans For Peace chapter 72 has been there for the last 4 years and always run out of literature.

As to the gentrification issue mentioned above, I would suggest that anyone talk to "Grandpa" (of Grandpa's BBQ now ?Por Que No?).
He has been on the avenue forever and is the authority on its history. He will tell you its much better now than in the past.

My band has been playing at the Mississippi Pizza for over 6 years and I've watched the changes happen. Could it be better, yes. It could a lot worse.


JULY 1 - 2010

On July 1st, 2010, a nationwide effort on behalf of independent club's will take place to benefit those directly affected by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. We are all aware of the severity of this tragedy to the region and the global ecosystem. What many are unaware of, as the oil continues to gush, the Gulf Coast communities are quickly being devastated. The local and global economy will suffer irreparable damage that will last for many years to come. The ramifications will be that many families will not be able to survive financially in the very near future ( link to www.dirtycajuns.com). In addition to the dire situation facing the wetlands we have many people in our own back yard needing assistance.

In the spirit of Independence Day, indie venues across the US are donating 100% of door revenues to the fishermen of the Gulf Coast and the clean up efforts. Many of our fellow Americans in the foreseeable future will have no livelihood, are preparing to leave their homes, and are now lining up for food handouts. With hurricane season on the horizon there is reason for great concern. We've learned how essential it is to be prepared for the worst.

The funds will dispersed directly to the people in need through charity organizations directly aiding fishermen & their families, as well as those associated with wildlife relief efforts.

Please join us with musical guests Loose Change and Dawn and the Dents.