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5 Protesters Arrested At OHSU Lockdown

5 animal rights activists lockdown a road block at OHSU's Primate Research Center. 30 protesters join in support.
Early this morning around 8:30 AM, five activists held a road block lockdown at the entrance of Oregon Health & Science University's National Primate Research Center. Thirty protesters showed up in support shortly after the lockdown. Workers at the center were delayed for well over an hour as the activists held their ground. The Primate Center is notorious for their torture of primates in the use of pointless experimentation that have proved nothing in over 40 years of research. The center has had on going construction on their main access road, and scrambled to construct a makeshift roadway where one was previous torn out. Their efforts didn't lessen the blockade though, as the newly fashioned dirt road was fast sinking during use. Four long hours later, at 12:45 p.m., the police cautiously cut them out and eventually had to use a reciprocating saw borrowed from the fire department. The supporter rally stayed with them throughout, with persistent chanting, through police threats of arrest and K-9 unit scare tactics. It definitely was a burden for OHSU, as costs for a construction crew to provide a dirt roadway, just to tear it all back up again put a serious kink in their day's work. Not to mention how employee work and productivity was definitely disrupted. As the paddywagon, containing the five arrested activists, doors where closing as they were still chanting along with their team of supporters.

For more information on the animal experimentation going on at the ONPRC, please visit:  http://www.ohsukillsprimates.com

Please stay tuned for updates on the statuses of the activists as well as pictures and video of the action!

thanks for doing this - 28.Jun.2010 16:53


that that torturous hell hole is allowed to continue operations day after day with no notice from the community is completely shameful. You guys are great.

Update 1: 28.Jun.2010 17:39

Bob Loblaw

Michael Vos is booked and it looks like he'll have to stay the night. Please call the jail!!! and make sure he get's fed adequate vegan meals, due to his dietary restrictions.

Washington County Jail: 503.846.2600 -or- 503.846.6826

Love you 28.Jun.2010 18:24

Karma Lita seditiousconspirator@yahoo.com

Amazing, THANK YOU.

Hell YEA!!!!! 28.Jun.2010 18:35

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

I have been protesting OHSU's Primate Center for years and this lights my fire!!! Thank you so much! You all rock! It's been really hard over the years to know OHSU is still torturing animals and feeling helpless. It is so good to know there are people out there that care as much as I do about seeing this horrible place get shut down. Yes I said it. SHUT DOWN!!!!!

Hell YEA!!!!! 28.Jun.2010 19:37

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

I have been protesting OHSU's Primate Center for years and this lights my fire!!! Thank you so much! You all rock! It's been really hard over the years to know OHSU is still torturing animals and feeling helpless. It is so good to know there are people out there that care as much as I do about seeing this horrible place get shut down. Yes I said it. SHUT DOWN!!!!!

Post More Pictures? 28.Jun.2010 19:46


I would love to see more pictures if anyone has them, or video. This looked like an amazing action! I hope there will be more actions like this against the Torture Center. Thank you to all that participated! ~Much Love~

Support 28.Jun.2010 20:45

Bob Loblaw

Please!!, also call the jail for Stephanie, inmate booking #1008967. She also has dietary restrictions and will be spending the night in jail.

Washington County Jail: 503.846.2600 -or- 503.846.6826

Update: Video1 28.Jun.2010 20:48

Bob Loblaw

These first few videos show the police cutting them out, with Swat standing guard.

Update: Video2 28.Jun.2010 21:03

Bob Loblaw


Update: Video3 28.Jun.2010 21:04

Bob Loblaw


boycottt bartells 28.Jun.2010 21:28


dont forget to boycott bartells drug for using bush era homeland security grants to attack locals needing to use the bathroom..

Pictures! 28.Jun.2010 22:12


Here are some pics of the action
Angery workers walking to work.
Angery workers walking to work.

Pictures! 28.Jun.2010 22:19


Here are some pics of the action

Pictures! 28.Jun.2010 22:34


Here are some pics of the action

Pictures! 28.Jun.2010 22:36


Here are some pics of the action

I'd like to see close ups of the workers, so that we know 28.Jun.2010 23:18

mini me

who these people are and we can keep ourselves and our pets away from these pieces of filth torturing humans. They have no conscience. They'll do anything for money or the thrill of hurting an innocent being. Oh yeah, they'll justify it, but they are evil, empty souls. Anyone who can get and post pictures of these folks would be doing the community a favor.

UPDATE! 29.Jun.2010 00:07

Bob Loblaw

All five activists are being released from jail tonight! WOO HOO! Thank you to everyone for your calls and support!!!

Everyone's out!! 29.Jun.2010 00:24

Bob Loblaw

Those that were going to be stuck in jail overnight, had a couple amazing people bail them out!! They are all being released tonight!
Thank all of you who called the jail, and everyone who showed support.

One Struggle, One Fight!

Animal testing saves lives 29.Jun.2010 02:53

Michael Lindman

Animal testing saves lives. If you are so concerned about animal testing, I have no problem letting you trade places with the monkeys.

Animal testing does not work 29.Jun.2010 10:40


To those who believe that animal testing is necessary to save human lives, check out this information provided by Americans For Medical Advancement, comprised of doctors and former animal researchers.

OHSU has been trying to downplay 29.Jun.2010 12:34


this event in the media. They know the spotlight on primate research is bad for business and they don't want more protest disruption. They want activists to feel that nothing they do has an effect. But these things do have an effect on public consciousness, employee morale, and even operations:

"Although operations at the center continued, deliveries in the area were soured for the day. In one case, cement hardened in the back of a truck because it couldn't be dropped in time."

Animal testing kills human AND non human animals 29.Jun.2010 17:07

Ananda FS

Many of us grew up thinking it was "the rat or the baby," as the mythology suggests. For many of us, it was still wrong because there is something fundamentally immoral in the idea that some of us are inherently superior to others and can just use the bodies and lives of those we deem inferior as a means to an end, no matter how much suffering is caused, no matter how many millions of lives are expended to "maybe" help one human. But as it turns out, the idea that animal testing "saves lives" is just simply not correct.

Those who still believe that animal testing is about "saving lives" (and not about profit, greed, control, and yes very often sadism) need to read Sacred Cows Golden Geese by Drs. Greek.

Many, many people have died from side effects of drugs that had been thoroughly tested in non-human animals. Many other people would have died, had physicians stopped at the results of animal tests. The text book example, of course, is penicillin. Had penicillin been tested in guinea pigs rather than humans, it may never have become available at all, because penicillin kills guinea pigs.

In any event, there is no way to tell how a drug will react in humans without using them in humans. Every single drug to come to market has to go through clinical (ie HUMAN) trials.

On top of that, many of the experiments being performed at the primate center (and elsewhere) are trivial and ridiculous, while causing untold suffering among the victims of those tests. Experiments in which baby monkeys are torn from their mothers and terrorized, in an effort to "study" psychological distress in humans. Deadly and torturous tests in which pregnant monkeys and their babies are subjected to huge doses of nicotine, alcohol, and cocaine in order to study addiction in humans. Experiments in which the physiology of these animals is painfully disrupted in order to study weight loss in humans. Don't we have plenty of traumatized humans, addicted humans, and fat humans around that we could just study, rather than having to inflict these conditions on young and innocent primates? The answer is yes.

Why, then, do these experiments continue? I asked a researcher this once, and was told that it was "to get the grant money." You see, they get lucrative grants for inventing "experiments" which claim to be studying addiction, weight loss, and trauma - even if those experiments are repeated ad infitum, even when they cause death of thousands and thousands of "subjects," and even when they tell us nothing that we did not already know. (Who doesn't know, by now, that nicotine is addictive, that alcohol and cocaine are addictive, and that too many calories can make you fat?) ?!

Pro Bono Lawyers! 02.Jul.2010 19:43


Anyone arrested and facing charges can receive a free lawyer. All they have to do is call me and I'll hook them up. 503.944.9779.

I am also hoping people can connect me with any video and witnesses of the event.



So.....what was actually accomplished? 06.Aug.2010 14:32

Mike gopre63@msn.com

Wow you guys really stopped that animal abuse! People are always going to abuse animals. Things don't change by chaning yourself to a tree or blocking roadways. Things only change when the existing mentality of the so-called "oppressers" are changed.This kind of protesting changes dick. People yell and scream and then go home at the end of the day accomplishing nothing. It's a waste of energy. Big corporations actually get a boost from this kind of token resistence. Do you actually think that something as big as OHSU will put their operations on hold because of some 7 man roadblock? No, they won't. They probably laughed their asses off. I have siblings who work at OHSU and they have some interesting details regarding their operations. They can tell you first hand that things proceed as normal after these little stunts are over. You are completely misguided if you think that OHSU is going to listen to a bunch of overprivliged trust-fund babies who think they're in the right. You won't stop anything in the long run with these laughable stunts. You guys just make yourself look foolish. Why don't you guys actually do something about it?