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Homotopia: Free Film Showing

Wednesday, July 14th: Movie Night! Popcorn! Featured Film: Homotopia

6:30pm at the M-11
1212 S. 11th Street
Suite 24.
Tacoma, WA.
"Set sometime in the future-present Homotopia chronicles a group of radical queer's dedicated to exposing the trouble with gay marriage, dismantling the State, undoing Empire, while looking totally fierce. Race, gender, ability and desire are reworked through an anti-colonial take of queer struggle creating a visual rhythm of melancholic utopianism that knows there may be no future but still hopes today is not their last."

This event is part of the days 9 days of events in Tacoma check out: beyondfeminismtacoma.wordpress.com

All events are free.