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imperialism & war

War & Resistance in Pakistan

Public Meeting:
War & Resistance in Pakistan
with Bushra Kaliq, the General Secretary of the Pakistan Women's Workers Help Line which organizes and advocates for home-based workers, peasant workers, factory workers, landless women and girls.
Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union Room 228
Tuesday, June 29th at 7pm FREE
Three days after his inauguration, on January 23, 2009, President Barack Obama ordered U.S. predator drones to attack sites inside of Pakistan. It was the first documented attack ordered by the new U.S. commander-in-chief inside of Pakistan. Since that first attack, the U.S. has regularly bombed Pakistan, killing scores of civilians. Pakistan is now one of the biggest recipients of U.S. aid, with the House of Representatives recently approving a tripling of money to Pakistan to about $1.5 billion a year for five years. Join us for a discussion about the war on Pakistan and the antiwar resistance movement.

Sponsored by:The Sociology,Woman's Studies and Urban Studies Depts @ PSU, SUPER, Solidarity and the International Socialist Organization

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Bushra Kaliq will also be speaking at the socialismconference2010 in Oakland