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Foie Gras Protest today in Portland

Protest against foie gras was held in Portland today
A large group of activists protested outside Beast, a Portland restaurant that serves foie gras. The activists then moved over to Le Pigeon, another Portland restaurant that serves foie gras. Organizer Kayla Hanson said that she had contacted the manager of the restaurant to request that foie gras be taken off the menu, and that foie gras was taken off the menu at one time, and then put back on. Several restaurants in Portland still serve foie gras, which is the engorged liver of a goose or duck who is force fed until the liver is enlarged enough for consumption, and then the duck or goose is killed.

See the short video here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9ZWbtHs5fk