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END CELL TOWER LOOPHOLE -- If Los Angeles Does it, Portland Can !

All over the world people are rising up against the seeming untouchable power of the telecom companies as they sweep through our neighborhoods and install their DNA damaging, cancer causing towers that are exposing the human race and all biological systems to millions of times the natural radiation level of exposure. Effect on future generations?? Some scientists think there might not be any if our kids are sterilized in school by wi fi and have alzheimer's by the time they're 30 from cell phone use. Portlanders need to rise up and demand that our City Council deals with this problem and refuses to cave in to the FCC and the corrupt 1996 telecommunications act.
They Don't Own Us, Why Do We Act Like They Do??
They Don't Own Us, Why Do We Act Like They Do??
Burbank Leader
Mailbag: Fix cell tower loophole

June 26, 2010

Hillside residents opposing the proposed T-Mobile cell tower at Brace Canyon recreational park are grateful that our city leaders and staff for their diligence in updating the city's wireless facility ordinance.

The City Council special joint study session with the Planning Board yielded a radio frequency emissions compliance report as part of the application process, and more rigorous aesthetic requirements.

Very importantly, our leaders want to modify our code so that a first facility will not automatically be installed by right, as our current ordinance allows. We also thank Deputy City Planner Michael Forbes, who at the close of the meeting, recommended the city host a community meeting for residents to provide input.

Toward that goal, we ask our leaders to please fix a giant loophole threatening our neighborhoods our ordinance lacks any regulations addressing wireless facility installations in public rights of way. As a result, how would you like to wake up and find a cell tower right outside your bedroom window, installed on your sidewalk, alley, or on top of your streetlight or utility pole without any advanced public notice, hearing or means of appeal?

That's what's happening right now throughout the city of Los Angeles, where more than 40 neighborhood councils and resident organizations are calling for new regulations to halt the growing proliferation of such wireless facilities. Burbank needs to adopt a moratorium, or halt any such proposed installations before it becomes a serious problem in our city, too.

In April, Clearwire got two of its wireless facility installations in Burbank approved, and its reps informed our Planning Board that they've begun deployment in Los Angeles. But how many others do they want to install, and next to which homes? What is our long-term master plan to address these massive deployments?

Cell towers, whether they are disguised as palm or pine trees, or mounted on top of utility and telephone poles, present documented fire and fall hazards, attract crime and negatively affect property values. This is why they are commercial facilities that belong in commercial areas away from our schools, homes and parks.

We ask our City Council and Planning Board to follow through on their directions given to staff at December's study session to create a tiered-approach of preferred and non-preferred locations that will protect residents, communities and schools within the full extent of the law. This is what Glendale does with its new wireless facility ordinance, considered one of the strongest in the state.

We also urge our leaders to adopt an ordinance that will require a conditional-use permit for all proposed wireless facilities, which would require residential notification within 1,000 feet of the proposed location, public hearings and a means of appeal.

Most importantly, we recommend Burbank residents and school parents communicate their concerns and recommendations directly to our City Council, Planning Department and City Manager Michael Flad, to help Burbank craft a model ordinance.

For inspiration, we can look to neighboring Glendale, where residents and city officials worked together to develop the city's new wireless facility ordinance. They have achieved the possible. Let's do the same.

Kiku Lani Iwata, Andrew Bolhuis, Michelle Safarian and Alex Safarian


I am writing to express my consternation and outrage at the overnight conversion of the downtown Burbank post office into a for-profit parking lot after 6 p.m.

Let me get this straight: When I get off work at 7 p.m., I am expected to pay for the privilege of checking my P.O. box mail? Apparently, no parking spaces have been reserved for postal patrons. Is that land not public property, paid for and maintained by taxpayers?

What's next, having to pay a private company to drive into Wildwood Canyon or Stough Canyon Nature Center? Paying a fee to some corporation for my kid to use the play structure at George Izay Park? Paid parking at the library? By what authority did this policy change occur? I was not made aware of any public comment period on this, and I question its legality.

Furthermore, this flies in the face of one of the best and most charming things about our city: That one can enjoy downtown Burbank shopping and dining without paying the exorbitant parking rates that are the norm in Pasadena, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. I fear this is the thin edge of the wedge and if Burbank residents can no longer park for free to enjoy a meal or a movie, local merchants will lose my and many other patrons' business.

Sam Dlugach


homepage: homepage: http://www.wirelesswatchblog.com

CRACKS............NUISANCE LAWS 03.Sep.2010 23:32

@ngel pdxactivist@yahoo.com

if by "loophole", you refer to the huge gaping crack in the system, yes that's how it is. we are utterly unprotected by the current regulations regarding microwave cell tower transmissions.
There are no doubt other angles to come at this thing though. The FCC's former board said that local governments cannot claim potential health impact as a reason for refusing to site new towers and installations. Does this mean the money grabbing cell companies can just pile on more and more layers of new cell wifi transmissions until the accumulated signal load in a given area, is way over the top? How many 3 and 4 g transmitters can an area stand before thousands of people come down with horrible health effects and early death? not to mention killing off all the little critters that are so vital to our own survival, namely honeybees.
Si I hope the local governments will come up with language and angles to lick this damn pestilence with workarounds.

Like, can we call it a nuisance? PORTLAND, PLEASE CLASSIFY IT AS SUCH. it is invading our homes at all hours, and many can hear the signal itself, which is a piercing high pitch that becomes absolutely maddening and will not let you sleep- if you have that good of hearing. If those with RF Hearing (the name of this ability- check it out) actually can hear it, then it means the signal accumulation in the environment is super strong, dangerously strong. People with RF Hearing in Portland, CAN hear it at all hours and in entire huge neighborhoods, indoors and out, on the West side at least. This is from transmission towers, not from individual home cell bases. AND the 4g + 3g + 2 g + all the other added signals (microwave radiation form of transmissions) IS INVADING OUR HOMES UNINVITED, EVEN WHEN WE HAVE NO CELL PHONES OR WIFI. It is wreaking all kinds of havoc on our hearts, brains, nervous systems, inner organs, and dna- besides just keeping us awake all night and sapping our strength. It is growing our cancers larger much quicker, and making us old fast; it is giving us that heating- up feeling in our organs while we lie in bed at night- no, that's not hot flashes, it's the wifi signal. Because our innerspring mattresses and large mirrors, metal bedframes, and window frames, furnace ducts, etc are all reflecting and pinging and multiplying the intensity of the microwaves as they ricochet around and through our bodies seeking water- the water in US! Our bedrooms become a microwave oven and we become the cooking meat.
So if that isn't a nuisance, requiring a nuisance law, then what is it? ok, alright! then it's a THREAT TO PUBLIC HEALTH, AND A PUBLIC ENEMY. (MAY THIS RADIATION WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION BACKFIRE RIGHT IN THE PERPETRAITORS' FACES!)