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Marijuana supporters-have YOU signed OCTA?

OCTA 2010 is running out of time and needs as many signatures as possible. can pot-friendly Portland make it happen?
OCTA (Oregon Cannabis Tax Act) is petitioning to get the FULL legalization/regulation of marijuana and hemp put on the November ballot. If you support legalizing and have NOT signed the petition, you can do so online at cannabistaxact.org you can also circulate a petition yourself by simply signing up and downloading the petition. The deadline for signatures is July 2 so please take a minute to sign and pass it on. Let's get it on the ballot!

Your kidding, right? 26.Jun.2010 14:39

Cannabis activist

First Oregon Norml totally blows it by failing to organize in a more professional manner when they failed to kick off the campaign in a timely manner and then Paul Stanford fails to come through (with just a small part of the millions he has made) and leaves the campaign without any viable funding with just a few weeks to gather thousands and thousands of signatures. The 2010 version of OCTA was obviously not a serious effort and it is pointless to tell people to sign this petition.