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Help Map the Gulf from Portland

The Government is not creating high-res maps of the Deepwater horizon spill that truly show the ecological damage. Grassroots Mapping is. Help build aerial photography rigs to send to the Gulf! no expertise required.
Grassroots Mapping is a group empowering communities to map their own space. They're in the Gulf right now using simple and cheap balloon and kite aerial photography rigs to photograph the oil spill. It's a truly grassroots effort, and the number of mapping teams continues to grow as teams train new teams. This Saturday at Gallery Homeland (Map here) in inner SE we'll be building balloons, testing out homemade designs to reduce the cost of getting airborne, and assembling rigs to send to the Gulf. Come join us- no expertise required, all supplies provided. If you can, bring food!

homepage: homepage: http://grassrootsmapping.org

kites & balloons for Mapping 25.Jun.2010 16:19

Ben Waiting

Help Show - What They Are Trying To Hide

great idea! 05.Jul.2010 10:07


hope you get lots of help.