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Think Outside the Bomb is the largest youth network for nuclear abolition in the United States. This summer, they are touring the nation to provide information on the United States' nuclear weapons and power industries, as well as a critical look at how we engage in resistance.
Saturday, July 3
7:00 p.m.
Red & Black Cafe, 400 S.E. 12th, Portland
Sponsored by: Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, American Friends Service Committee - Portland and Red & Black Cafe

Free! (Donations and cafe purchases appreciated.)

Art, music, puppets and education about nuclear abolition!

See www.thinkoutsidethebomb.org

The Obama Administration's five-year budget includes $7 billion towards the building of three bomb-making facilities in Los Alamos, New Mexico; Oakridge, Tennessee; and Kansas City, Missouri.

Think Outside the Bomb seeks to create a world free of nuclear weapons and power through creating an affirming culture of resistance. The tour will culminate in a convergence, permaculture and nonviolence training encampment in New Mexico from June 30 through August 9.