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Author Review: Wm. H. Kotke

At a free box I picked up a book that is very important to understand where civilization is going and what we might do for ourselves to continue beyond the collapse of The Final Empire. It's a two part book with The Collapse of Civilization coming first and The Seed of the Future finishing. From 1993, it's out of date, yet nonetheless relevant to the present eco-crisis.

William H. Kotke resides in Glendale, OR and has also written a follow-up book called Garden Planet in 2005. I don't have it, and want to borrow or buy it when I get through The Final Empire. His research and referencing satisfies the intellect plus he keeps it real by calling modern civilization akin to an alcoholic suffering delirium tremens!
So get a copy and read these books, if you haven't already, and if you did please add to this review.