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Who killed Billly Moore? The usual suspects?

Billy Moore was gunned down yesterday in North Portland and thanks to snitchers, the cops have selected a scapegoat for a murder they may be responsible for.
Of course this is just speculation but given the history we've seen I wouldn't doubt it if poor Billy "resisted" or didn't follow their instructions.

Contrary to what the media portrays, young people don't just go around shooting each other.

Stop snitching Portland!

top ass 22.Jun.2010 23:17


so the bully wins. the primative cia sponsering coke head is justified in killing the smart good kid? if this what anarchy stands for. you need to really think about what is moral.

It's not snitching, it's testifying. 26.Jun.2010 19:33


The "Stop Snitching" code is exactly the same as the Blue Wall of Silence in the police ranks.

It allows the evil to get away with their misdeeds, because good people do nothing.

beautiful person. 27.Jun.2010 15:08


let me just say, he was such a sweet guy. He had an incredibly big heart..when i first met him i kind of judged him. Thought he would be this loud, obnoxious person. I remember when i talked to him. I didnt get that impression at all. Im a shy person at first and he told me not to be shy with him. He made me feel comfortable. Not once was he mean spirited. very kind and told me on many occasions that we r family. He was always laughing or smiling. He reminded me alot of reuben studdard. This big adorable teddy bear..!! nobody deserves what happened to him. especially him!!.how could anybody have so much hate in their hearts..and im sure he thought he could save that person with the gun.. they need to lock these bastards up. To take such a precious life, they deserve to pay with their own. The gunman didnt know this person. Do u think he cares either? but one day he will get his..god is taking care of billy because he lived his life right and by god..thats what he wants us to do.live our lives for the lord. i really hope people take a look at his story and really think..is this how we want america to be?? a place full of hate..wheres the peace.the love. we need to bring that back!!! RIP Billy!! May u rest in peace and know everybody will always remember you and your spirit..and just know u arent alone!!