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Oil Spills and Oil Kills Pedalpalooza rides

I dont know about you but i am SICK of hearing about this oil spill while watching drivers continue to give BP their money. This DIRECT ACTION ride will bring the animals to the forefront of the debate by placing ourselves (somewhat) in their shoes.
I've posted two rides -
the "Oil Spills and Oil Kills" ride (aka the "covered in oil" ride) where we will meet up and cover our skantily clad bodies in a chocolate sauce/flour combo that looks similar to oil, then ride around demanding attention.
and the parallel ride -
"Catch Those Critters! Oil Spill Cleanup Event!!!" which will follow along the same route attempting to catch and clean us up. there will be a massive "cleanup effort" at the end of this ride.
details after the jump or just check out the entire shift Pedalpalooza calendar
Pioneer Square, SW 6th Ave and Morrison St (youll see us!)
AKA the "covered in oil" ride. Chocolate syrup and flour make a realistic looking "oil" so strip down to your skivvies and rub it on! Are you disappointed with drivers continuing to go to BP and other oil peddlers despite the coverage of the catastrophic oil spill? This ride hopes to raise awareness and encourage people to connect the dots between their gas tank and oil covered marine ecosystems and animals. Lets get out there and remind people that it is far from over.
*Nudity, costumes, sound systems, body paint and signs encouraged*
Host will provide some chocolate sauce/flour-meet at 530 ride at 6

Pioneer Square, SW 6th Ave and Morrison St (help us!!!)
This ride will parallel the "Oil Spills and Oil Kills" ride aka the "covered in oil" ride, attempting to catch and clean the oil off of riders. towards the end of the ride there will be a massive "cleanup effort" at an undisclosed location. bring your gloves, rain slickers, tubs, sponges and plenty of dawn to help save these poor, oil covered critters. if ANYONE has any cool ideas to spread the awareness, post it!!!
no rider left behind for this, and the "covered in oil ride"

VIGIL FOR THE OCEANS 24.Jun.2010 18:55

A Friend

VIGIL FOR THE OCEANS: A Contemplative Service of Healing Prayer
Sunday, June 27
5:00 p.m.
Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, 1535 N.E. 17th Avenue, Portland

Join us for communal prayer dedicated to the healing of our fragile oceans and those who depend uon them to sustain life. Candles, music and meditation will carry not only our grief but our prayers for guidance as we seek to become more faithful stewards and protectors of the gift of Creation.

The Vigil for the Oceans is sponsored by Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, in partnership with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.

See www.grace-memorial.org