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VIDEO: March Against The Police State - Portland Oregon 6.19.10

A video of the complete march on Saturday afternoon through Portland streets to express outrage with the rise in Police Violence & killings.
The march was a public demonstration against "The Police State."
Over one hundred police show up. to take control of the streets as they block traffic for them selves and keep the protest march "roughly" contained to just the sidewalks, while arresting at least 2 people for ?
Portland Protest against the Police State 6.19.10
Portland Protest against the Police State 6.19.10
About 75-100 anarchists and supporters marched from the waterfront through downtown Portland.
This was a protest march against the rise in Police killing and abuse in Portland Oregon.

The video footage is from the 2.5 hour protest march throughout downtown which was forced to stay on the sidewalk.

Four horse cops, 75 to 100 Bike cops, 1/2 a dozen commanders on foot, lurking riot squad (with their ice cream truck) and a few unmarked SUV's. Also 2 ladies who would not identify themselves, were walking in the streets with the police (one had a concealed mic up her sleeve)

Part 1

Part 2

correction 21.Jun.2010 21:24

indy media video

by slowing down the video in Part one I can see/hear that it doesn't appear to be a "concealed mic" that I was hearing.