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Critical Ass, Monthly naked rides proclaim violence worse than nudity 4 children

I was shocked, enlightened and liberated by my experiences at the naked bike ride yesterday. I don't think once a year is enough for this type of event, it was a powerful display of community, cycling, and our right to ride on the streets. My friends and I are trying to form a new group to celebrate the human body and protest society's view of violence being less harmful to children than nudity. We are, however, way to shy to take to the streets by ourselves so I'd like to see if anyone is interested in joining a new group, critical ass. We are not mocking critical mass, we appreciate who they are and their message and appreciate their inspiration to take this a step further to speak to the public about another very important cause.
If you would be interested in participating or just want to stay informed, email  criticalass@yahoo.com and I'll put you on a list. I'm not going to spam you every day or anything, i will only send out very few emails directly related to this endeavor. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we could get something like this started leave a note here or email. If enough interest can be generated a website will be up within a few days. Indymedia is my first post regarding this, as I type I'm considering a few other sites but even just suggestions on where to look for possible supporters and participants would be awesome. At no point are we planning to collect dues or sell anything, just like Critical Mass.

Gah! Email broken already! 21.Jun.2010 14:47

Critical Ass, New group trying to form

Will make another email when I have time. Lots to do now, will revisit in a few days. Leave note here if interested, apparently you can't have ass in your email..

New email, bunsnotguns@yahoo.com 22.Jun.2010 12:38

critical Ass / buns not guns, New group trying to form

Ok, I was unable to convince yahoo that criticalass was actually critic a lass, a female film critic, so I set up a new account  bunsnotguns@yahoo.com . Gaah! I hate how even nonsexual nudity is seen as so much worse than violence, I wonder if I could register killyouwithagun or something like that? Anywhoo, the new email is  bunsnotguns@yahoo.com