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June 19th Anarchists March against police violence

About 75-100 anarchists and supporters marched from the waterfront through downtown Portland. There was a moment of comic relief before the march started when an anarchist noticed a bike cop wearing "evil" socks. The intensity and the pace of the protest were not for those who value politeness and passive resistance over defiance and confrontation. The chanting went on almost non-stop; there were shouts of "Another man deceased, Who's to blame? The police," "No Justice, No Peace, Fuck the Police," "No KKK, No Fascist USA, No cops!" and "Our passion for freedom, Is stronger than your prisons." Many protestors handed out flyers and booklets "Get to know your police officers." Several also talked with curious passers-by about the issues.

We marched at a fast clip for over 2 hours, stopping briefly at NW 13th and Everett where James Chasse was killed by the cops. The anarchists attempted to march over the Morrison Bridge, but the cops quickly appeared to set up a blockade. Throughout the march, there were over 100 cops on bikes, horses and cars. It seems 3 people were arrested, for no apparent reason. After the second arrest, the riot police appeared to the jeers of the crowd. Finally, the protestors marched to the Justice Center to show solidarity with their comrades who were arrested. The march ended after 6 PM.

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