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Fill The Streets June 19th! March Against The Police State!

Be there: June 19th, 3PM Sharp, SW Jefferson & SW Naito on the water front. Let the police and city know that we will not accept the murders of our community members, let the PPA and their new president know that closed negotiations are affront to a community already outraged by an out of control police department!
March Against The Police
March Against The Police
When: Saturday, June 19th. 3PM Sharp!
Where: SW Jefferson & SW Naito on the Waterfront
What: March Against Police Misconduct

Historically, the police have represented the use of brute force to maintain the inequalities inherent in capitalist societies all around the world. In the past six months four men have been killed by police in and around Portland.

*Aaron Campell was unarmed and shot in the back during a "welfare check" by PPD's Ronald Frashour.

*Jack Collins, a houseless man, was in a restroom alone, cutting himself with an exacto knife, when PPD's Jason Walters confronted him and shot him 4 times, killing him.

*Daniel Barga was killed in Cornelius by Cornelius's Officer Mark Jansen, Forest Grove Police's Sgt. Dean Foster and Officer Scott King, after being found naked and in an incoherent state, the officers tazed and pepper-sprayed Barga repeatedly until he died.

*Keaton Otis was driving near the Lloyd Center when PPD's Ryan Foote determined that the young black man (with no criminal record) "looked like a gangster" and was driving a car that "didn't fit him." The cops turned on their lights to pull him over after he allegedly failed to use his turn signal, and radioed for more cops to come and box his car in with 4 cop cars. Shortly thereafter, Officer Burley tried to forcibly remove Keaton Otis from his vehicle. When this failed, several officers including Pat Murphy shot Keaton Otis with tasers. After being attacked and tasered by police, Keaton Otis allegedly shot Officer Burley twice before being shot 23 times by officers Cody Berne, James Defrain, and Andrew Polas. After which Otis's dead body was shot with bean bag rounds.

During all of this the PPA (portland police association) have had the end of their four year contract looming. On January 25th 2010 the city announced that the public would have access to the contract negotiations in contrast with past negotiations that have all been behind closed doors. On March 12th the first meeting took place, but before it actually got under-way Will Aitchison, the PPA's attorney, and Scott Westerman, the PPA's president, demanded the public be ejected from the meeting a disallowed from any contract negotiations. If any meetings have since taken place the public has been kept in the dark about them.

While we do not know when and where the meetings are, we do know that the 2006-2010 contract ends on June 30th, and the PPA president will be changing June 19th. This makes the 19th an important time to welcome the new police union leadership and to let the city know that we are still livid over the murders of our community members.

There is a time for demanding that reforms be made in the police bureau. There is a time to apply politial pressure. There is a time for building stronger community ties. There is a time for training for self-defense. And there is a time for marching in the streets!

Let's show them that we are serious - Saturday, 3pm, Jefferson and Naito Ave, at the waterfront.

have anarchists 19.Jun.2010 16:47

truth seeker

have anarchists taken over the steel bridge this afternoon...something that i am hearing word of...i want to photograph it if that is the case

anti police violence march 19.Jun.2010 21:38

((( i )))

around 100 activists and over 100 popo show up

a couple arrests near the end of the 3 hour march tru the city

lots of cop-watching

police went all over the streets
protesters were on the sidewalks

horse cops misbehaving - bike cops pushing protesters with bikes

robo cops make a short appearance, then disappear

nobody shot

Police Show the protest topics are valid with rank behavior 6/19 20.Jun.2010 20:19

frankie missfrankietease@gmail.com

Sadly, that which we were protesting: Police Violence, was overtly displayed by the Portland Police yesterday.

It's obvious that it hurts the ego of the local law inforcement to have people - ordinary people - citizens, and neighbors,
shouting and reminding them of the recent unjust over-reactive deaths that have been executed by the PDX Police, during the last few years.

One site was visited during the several hour marcch- in a harrowing moment - the site where Chasse was beaten to death - eventually to die "on the way to jail", in the back of a Portland Police car.

There was incredible force shown yesterday much more police presence for us few hundred people protesting police violence than for over 13,000 people estimated to have partaken in the Portland World Naked Bike Ride. People were gouged, pushed and the wall of bikes? It's pedals are sharp. One officer rode his bike INTO a woman's side and pushed her down.

If anyone knows how it ended I'm curious to know