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June 19th march: not just for black-bloc!

A reminder of the importance of solidarity and the construction of a general culture of resistance
While the black bloc will certainly be an important part of this march, they are NOT by any means the only people invited or needed.

All who are fed up with police violence and murder in and around Portland, in Seattle, in Oakland, in Detroit, at the US/Mexico border, in all of the states of this country and in all of the countries of this world should feel it is their place to attend this march, no matter what tactics they might be prepared for themselves.

All who understand that a world without police is not only preferable but also entirely possible should come and speak their mind. Come prepared to engage with curious and concerned bystanders. Come with informational material. PLEASE come with video recording equipment so as to deter the police from acting out their worst aggression. And even if you only intend to stand lawfully on the sidewalk, come so as to have a visible presence in support of those putting themselves on the front line of this confrontation.

Effective resistance movements around the world have proven time and time again the need for a generalized culture of resistance. This is a recognition of the fact that usually only a small percent of the population is willing at any given time to use more confrontational tactics. Rather than potentially alienating the majority, sounding as if we think that they lack any role in the struggle whatsoever, we need to encourage widespread support and solidarity, even if only through small and simple actions.

Any group of friends who has enough black clothing between them and the will to do so should certainly come and join the bloc, even if it's your first time.
But let's also not forget that this struggle needs everyone, not just the black block!