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June 19th Black Bloc! Come Prepared!

On June 19th those versed in black bloc tactics will march once more through the streets of downtown portland calling for an end to the murdering of community members by the portland police, as well as the institutions that support the continued use of violence against the poor.
Black Bloc
Black Bloc
The uses of black bloc have been increasingly effective at defending ourselves from arrest and potential targeting by police. We can expect the police to be as violent toward this march as they have been at any previous march in portland and as such it is in our interest to come as prepared as possible to defend ourselves and our comrades from attack.

A few suggestions to those intending to participate:

*Come prepared for the police to use pepper spray/tear gas. Consider bringing some or all of the following: goggles, extra bandannas, antacid+water mix, drinking water, etc.

*Bring non-black clothes that are easy to change into.

*Discuss with people you know/people near you in the march potential arrest/unarrest scenarios. If you have reason to fear that you might be targeted be sure that the people near you are willing to unarrest and provide cover for you while you escape.

*Have a good idea of potential targets and escape routes in the areas that you expect to be. If possible scout them before hand and discuss it with other affinity group members.

*Remain with the bloc and try to keep the bloc together at all times. A sparse and incohesive bloc is easily penetrated and arrested.

*Expect people to want to increase the pressure on violent and exploitative institutions and agents thereof, and try to provide both visual and physical protection for those engaging in that form of struggle.

*Bring banners, flags loud chants and other forms of propaganda.

It is important to remember that black bloc is not merely an offensive and defensive tactic, it is a show of solidarity as well. Even if you are not personally prepared to engage in offensive or defensive tactics one of the most important aspects of bloc tactics is that it provides a means of anonymity that those who are engaging in such activities my be able to retreat and disappear within the bloc if they are concerned about targeting or arrest. So no matter what your comfort level, do your best to show up wearing black in solidarity and to help provide a sea of anonymity for those that might be targeted on saturday.

Also remember to have fun and give 'em hell comrades! See you Saturday.

homepage: homepage: http://www.infoshop.org/page/BlackBlocPapers

Ahem... 17.Jun.2010 18:25

a community member

While the black bloc will certainly be an important part of this march, they are NOT by any means the only people invited or needed.

All who are fed up with police violence and murder in and around Portland, in Seattle, in Oakland, in Detroit, at the US/Mexico border, in all of the states of this country and in all of the countries of this world should feel it is their place to attend this march, no matter what tactics they might be prepared for themselves.

All who understand that a world without police is not only preferable but also entirely possible should come and speak their mind. Come prepared to engage with curious and concerned bystanders. Come with informational material. PLEASE come with video recording equipment so as to deter the police from acting out their worst aggression. And even if you only intend to stand lawfully on the sidewalk, come so as to have a presence in support of those putting themselves on the front line of this confrontation. They really can't do it without you.

Any group of friends who has enough black clothing between them and the will to do so should certainly come and join the bloc, even if it's your first time. But let's also not forget that this struggle needs everyone, not just the black block!

Um... 17.Jun.2010 19:31

Just Thinkin'

This sounds more like a call out than an exhaustive list attendees of june 19th. Maybe it's just me but it seems implicit that more than black bloc will be there.

not so sure 17.Jun.2010 23:13

a community member

The paragraph that contains the sentence "On June 19th those versed in black bloc tactics will march once more through the streets of downtown portland..." made it sound as though perhaps this was just a black bloc event. Or rather it was not in any way explicit about this being an event where others besides just the black bloc will be in attendance.

I wouldn't have made any comment except that I don't want to see those anarchists willing to bloc up get marginalized any more than they already are. It seems to me that this kind of wording can be intimidating to those not already "versed in black bloc tactics," and make them feel not quite sure if they are really welcome. Or worse, that the black bloc has it on "lock-down" and doesn't need or really want anyone else to attend. Unfortunately I think we are at a point where our invitations have to be clear, obvious, and loud- the opposite of ambiguous. It would be a shame to have low turnout simply because our intentions were not made clearly enough known.

When? 18.Jun.2010 07:17

Den Mark, Vancouver

If this is black bloc action only, time & place are often not generally known. So apparently that is the case, since time & place are not given in this thread. Otherwise, specifics are needed. It's sad that action of any kind is still indicated, but obviously government, media, & most citizens still do not get it, that there is a problem. And it needs to be kept in front of the public, which has poor memory, kind of widespread public dementia.