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Q&A with Tre Arrow on His One-Year Anniversary

June 8, 2010, mark[ed] the one-year anniversary of Tre Arrow's return to Portland. A year ago (June 8, 2009) Tre Arrow greeted a small group of well-wishers at PDX's Arrival terminal, climbed onto a tandem bicycle and merged into a sunny Portland afternoon. He wasn't home free, but--after two years as a fugitive and five and a half years of incarceration--he was home.

If you had been at Arrivals that day, you may not have recognized the biblically long-haired man with the slightly stern blue eyes. After all, it's been eight years...You may not have recognized Tre, until you looked down. Tre was characteristically bare foot. It's this podiatrical peculiarity that is Tre's most attributable feature.

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