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Video: What's a Feed-In Tariff Energy System

Public Access program featuring a casual discussion about the Feed-In Tariff energy system used extensively in Europe. Guest is Judy Barnes of Oregonians for a Renewable Energy Policy. Also present for the discussion are Jim Lockhart and Richard Carpenter, Portland Community Media producers.

What's A Feed-In Tariff?
Feed In Tariff Energy System
Slide From a Physicians for Social Responsibility Slide Show
Slide From a Physicians for Social Responsibility Slide Show
Judy explains the Feed-In Tariff system and movement to make this available to citizens in Oregon. Their website gives a brief synopsis of what this means: "Feed-In Tariffs are policies designed to increase the production of renewable energy. A FIT law permits utility customers to produce renewable energy and sell it to their utility for a profit."

Feed-In Tariff Slide Show

Short video of the German Feed-In Tariff law.

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