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A Basic Income for All

Like the community centers in Vancouver, Canada, a basic guaranteed income could bring about public spirit and social cohesion cushioning the young, the old and the long-term unemployed confronted with brutal capitalism.
".. basic-income advocates argue that the duty to pursue work is based on the mistaken assumption that there's work to be had. A growing number of economists suggest that Germany reconcile itself to the fact that in the postindustrial age, the country will provide ever fewer opportunities for low-skilled workers. In this context, policies in pursuit of full employment make no sense; indeed, the demands currently made on the out-of-work are nothing less than perverse. If the long-term unemployed have no meaningful chance to advance a career, what purpose does it serve for the state to monitor and control their activities?

Furthermore, the advocates of basic income say, the contemporary mind-set has allotted to salaried work an exaggerated role in shaping personal identity. Basic income would allow Germans to combine different avenues of part-time work or pursue types of labor that aren't normally honored with pay, such as caring for the elderly."

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