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Party for the Dogs! A Benefit for Ananda Farm Sanctuary

What: Benefit to raise money for the animals of Ananda Farm Sanctuary
When: Thursday, June 17, 7pm to 10pm
Where: Sweetpea Vegan Baking Co. located at 1205 SE Stark st
Why: To raise money for the animals, and to have a great time!
Sweet Pea is putting on a fabulous benefit to raise money to help with vetting costs for the rescue dogs of Ananda Farm Sanctuary. Ananda saved a group of dogs last month who were on death row in Los Angeles. Each of them came in with some very serious health issues, and would have been put down in the shelter had Ananda not stepped up to save them. The little chihuahua in the photograph, now named Isabella, was brought to the LA shelter as a stray after being hit by a car. She had a dislocated hip and sacrum on one side, and a dislocated knee on the other side. She sat in the cold shelter, in pain and without any treatment, for a month. No one would adopt her because of her injuries. Just as her time ran out, Ananda stepped in, willing to provide sanctuary and take care of her vetting. Her surgeries are expected to run between $5,000 and $7,000. Your help with vet bills like these will ensure that Ananda can continue to do this good work.

Aside from the injuries that she had sustained before being brought into the shelter, it turns out that Isabella was also very pregnant. The LA shelter staff was somehow not aware of that, but the Ananda transporter noticed it right away - it was very hard to miss. Said one Ananda worker, "I've never seen a dog so pregnant!" Shortly after arriving in Sanctuary, and with a vet on stand-by because of her injuries, Isabella gave birth to five healthy puppies. (So the puppies and the mom will also all need to be spayed and neutered, and the pups will need vaccinations.) The other dog in this photo, Lil, arrived from LA with a serious lung infection, requiring more than a month of treatment. She is getting much better, but still needs some therapy, and also needs some serious dental work. Both dogs are happy to have found Sanctuary at last.

This spring alone, Ananda has provided vetting and sanctuary to ten rescue dogs, and has assisted with placement, transport, and vetting for an additional 27 dogs, not to mention an unknown number of cats. This is in addition to the work they do rescuing farm animals. They've saved many pigs and chickens from slaughter, and provide sanctuary to all kinds of animals.

If you would like to help Ananda to continue with this work, please consider coming to the benefit at Sweet Pea this Thursday evening. There will be great vegan food, a raffle, an art sale, and good company. Cars and Trains will be playing!

If you'd like to help but cannot make the benefit, you can make a donation by sending a check to "NW IDA" and writing "Ananda FS" in the "memo" line at the bottom of the check. You can mail checks to:

Ananda Farm Sanctuary
PO Box 385
St Helens, OR 97051

Thanks for your support for the animals!

address: address: PO Box 385 St Helens, OR 97051

Great! 15.Jun.2010 09:56

Radical animal supporter

Ananda Farm Sanctuary is doing some amazing work out there. This article doesn't mention it, but they've saved a BUNCH of pigs from being slaughtered this year too. They are feeding several feral cat colonies, not just at their farm but all over. The people who run this sanctuary never think twice about providing vet funds to animals. I've seen them pick up an animal who was hit by a car and take her to the vet and have her vetted with their own funds. They also rescued two pit bulls who were about to be killed earlier this year. The dogs were taken from a dog fighter, but then the animal control people were going to kill them. It practically took an act of congress from Ananda workers to save those dogs, but they are safe and sound now. Ananda paid for all their vet expenses, to have them spayed and neutered and vaccinated and healed of injuries sustained from fighting and in the shelter. And now they're safe and recovering from everything that was done to them before they found sanctuary.

This is a great cause to support.

You guys are awesome 16.Jun.2010 09:13


Thanks for everything you are doing. Can we bring art to contribute to the art sale?