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Animal farm within the national democratic revolution in the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) says that all comrades are equal, and cadres fulfill division of tasks within the organization. All are subject to Party policies under the principle of the individual is subordinate to the organization, the lower organ is subordinate to the higher organ, and the whole Party is under the Central Committee.
A young cadre, however, begs to vociferously disagree that every cadre, high or low, is subject to Party discipline.

Many Party members have been meted disciplinary actions for sexual opportunism. But as the article below contends, some top-ranking officials, especially founding CPP chairman Amado Guerrero aka Prof. Jose Maria Sison, are allowed to flout the policy on the relationship of the sexes. A few are more equal than the rest, to paraphrase George Orwell in his "Animal Farm."

- editor

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Dear friends and comrades,

A friend of mine suggested that I should look for this site. This is about the unfair and unjust situation in the revolutionary movement in the Philippines. While I and my comrades are risking our lives in the hills, or living as hunted fugitives in the urban underground, the leadership of the CPP and the NDF in Utrecht are living in comfort and wasting our hard-earned funds in bourgeois luxury.

The countryside-based leadership of the CPP is right in asserting that it is only through persevering people's war in the countryside that we could win this struggle for the Filipino people. There is no summing-up that could prove the worth and contribution of what the Sison-Jalandoni clique are doing in Utrecht to the over-all advance of the National Democratic Revolution. They themselves have abandoned the basic principles of Maosim. They are a shame to the majority of our members who come from the workers and peasant classes. They have ceased to represent our own determination to win people's liberation. The Sison-Jalandoni clique have been using the party's hard earned resources for their easy and comfortable lives, while we, here in our homeland, especially our comrades in the guerilla fronts, live on scant logistics not to mention that we risk our lives daily from the enemy's offensives.

On the International Women's Day, all revolutionary organizations in the world will observe the universal struggle for women's rights and liberation from patriarchy. The attached photos of Joma with Asia Agcaoili and other girls in Netherlands prove that the CPP Chairman does not share this principle in practice. Jose Ma. Sison is expected to come out with a statement glorifying the CPP's resolve in carrying on international women's struggle. But he himself has not remolded his bourgeois and macho urge to exploit women.

I take this task of 'whistle-blowing' on these abuses of the CPP Chairman. We the youth of the CPP can take this responsibility of cleansing our ranks of corruption. Let's fight for CHANGE in the CPP!

Dekada '90, hindi oportunista!

Ka. Easel



The CPP Chairman sings...

Comrades in the guerrilla zones are sternly criticized if they sing music by cultural agents of US imperialism. But our beloved Chairman Amado Guerrero aka Armando Liwanag aka Prof. Jose Maria Sison is above such criticisms. Never mind if the songs presented here were seemingly rendered by the drunken master.

No problem, though, if the bourgeois musical pieces are complemented with the Filipino version of the Internationale, complete with the three stanzas, a translation of the original French as composed by Comrade Eugene Poitier. That is the cultural revolution in our ranks!

a certain smile


unchained melody

Windmills of Your Mind



What we are?

Bulatlatan: We search for TRUTH against LIES and HALF-TRUTHS.

Bu-lat-latan (boo-lat-la-tan) verb: to search, probe, investigate, inquire; to unearth facts from all sides. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

To take such an attitude is to seek truth from facts. "Facts" are all the things that exist objectively, "truth" means their internal relations, that is, the laws governing them, and "to seek" means to study.

Let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend!



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