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Updates from the Cascadia Freedom Caravan

Detroit or Bust!
June 14th, 2010.

An eclectic mix of 25 rebels from around Cascadia is making their way across the country to participate in the Allied Media Conference and the United States Social Forum in Detroit. Representing Portland, Eugene, Olympia, and Seattle, the 25 activists are heading to what could be the largest convergence of social movements in recent US history. The Cascadia Freedom Caravan is composed of community organizers, hip-hop artists, students, mechanics, carpenters, and one baby still in the womb.

The Cascadia Freedom Caravan is currently rolling out from Missoula, Montana after spending the night at the local Unitarian Church. Between music, discussions, debates, and soccer breaks, members of the caravan are exploring the different issues and desires that are driving us to spend another three days trekking across mountains and plains towards Detroit.

"We're in an era of economic, environmental, and social crisis" says Anjali Cadambi. "It's become evident that we can't rely on government and 'experts' to solve the problems we face. I believe the connections everyday people make with each other are powerful in envisioning new possibilities in how we can move forward. I believe there is a lot of hope and I'm excited to meet people from all over to work out real solutions."

The Cascadia Freedom Caravan should arrive in Detroit by the 17th. Stay tuned for more updates and check out the Caravan website for video dispatches.


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