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Movement for a Democratic Society(MDS) hosts workshop-meeting at US Social Forum in Detroit, June 24th.

We all, at least many, speak of the need for better movement
organization, more effective focus, sharper actions, wider reach,
participatory democracy, bottom up process, horizontal connections,
greater transparency, etc

The United States Social Forum is a major movement event, June 22-26 in Detroit, MI.
It is not to be missed. All the questions, struggles, best practices and good ideas will be
open for discussion and organizing.

Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) is taking the Social Forum as
an opportunity to present our work, and the organizing model we have
This is a critical time for movement mobilization, The workshop we
are presenting is an effort to advance this mobilization.
The MDS Organizing Committee invites you to attend, (and to join the
Movement for a Democratic Society,) and help in this organizing

The workshop is called: "Organization: what are the best structures
for political (and more) association, adequate for our needs in these times?"

It is scheduled, Thursday, June 24, 1-5 PM in Room 02-35 Cobo Center.
And described in these links:
 link to organize.ussf2010.org

If you're an MDS member, the final 2 hours of the scheduled time (3:00-5:00 PM) will be a membership meeting, so that we can put into practice the principles of the discussion.

If you cannot attend but you're interested in MDS, let us hear from you.
Visit the MDS website at: www.movementforademocraticsociety.org
for further organizational information and to view our Constitution.

To plug into Movement for a Democratic Society organizing, join
the Google Group at,


The link for the social forum is: www.ussf2010.org. which gives
registration information, housing, etc.

In Solidarity,

The MDS Organizing Committee

homepage: homepage: http://www.movementforademocraticsociety.org