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I need reliable input

Do you know anything about section 8 voucher rules/policy?
I have had a section 8 voucher for several years and I have successfully rented with no problems. I am starting at a local University in September in order to better myself and that will free up a spot in the program for someone else.
I have recently discovered that I am unsure about my sexuality. I am a 35 year old female and I think that I am a lesbian. Quite a while ago I asked my housing worker if I could add my son's father onto my housing voucher. They considered it and after having him come in for fingerprinting they decided to deny him because of his past criminal record. Long story short: I have fallen in love with a woman my age and we both have high school age boys. Does anyone know if the housing authority accepts same sex couples for programs? I want to ask my worker about adding this woman onto my voucher but I am concerned about the potential backlash if that is against their policy. This woman has an income and is employed so it is not like I am trying to do anything unethical or illegal.

Any advice????

Here's some info from HAPDX 18.Jul.2010 23:56

Pearl E Moon queen@activist.com

As far as I can tell, the Portland Housing Authority only allows anyone to move in if they are in a marital relationship, or certain other restricted and usually rare reasons.
here is the link to their section 8 admin plan...


bear in mind, that Portland HA has their own restrictive policy on this stuff, move-ins are MUCH easier in some other housing authorities. Of course, Portland greatly contributes to homelessness by being overly restrictive as to who can move in.