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There are oil spill nets still needed that would contain the spill and keep the currents underwater from picking up the oil and sloshing it all over the place..
the fact is, there were containment nets needed for the "exxon valdez " , "selendang ayu", "cougar ace",and "cosco busan, and the "f/v baranof and the tug "pathfinder' and the "dubai star" . These nets that would have been effective in heading off disasterous impacts have STILL NOT BEEN MADE!
There is even a lawsuit demanding the containment nets " david haines v.s. international maritime carriers -hongkong ( selendang ayu) but, the first federal judge in seattle threw out the case becuz he agreed that hong kong shipping executives dont have to pay for spill nets becuz they are hong kong citizens not u.s. citizens...so, now the court case is sitting in san francisco at the 9th circuit court of appeals , (speaker pelosi 's district, where 2 of the major spills took place in last 3 years that were never forced to pay for the containmentnets that could have been sent to gulf of mexico...... looks like u.s. has been to offshore business friendly while pelosi conspires to delay further a court case that would solve some of the oil spill containment equipment needs that were supposed to be made before spills but they (u.s. legislators) put loop holes in our laws to prove business friendly... and the spill encroaches further onto land while the labor and materials for the nets is not paid by the owners of every oil rig, every international maritime organization member ship , nor by those who already spilled oil then thumbed noses at u.s. law and natural resource.
godamn uncle sam and his treasonous legislators who took payoffs over 40 years within the 2 party monopoly that presently proves the immoral regulation of spills that resquires only a 1.5 knot oil boom as the only answer to oil spill reponse... a piece of plastic that after 1.5 knots the currents drive the oil under and around the piece of plastic