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World wide protest against BP today

Does any one know if this is happening in Portland?
There is something happening here........?


and god damn it those people of england 12.Jun.2010 15:34

gotta vent somewhere

who are insisting that dividends be paid to british shareholders before BP possibly goes bankrupt or pays their dues in the states. Imagine if an American company dumped over a million gallons of barrels a day in the fucking english channel. when you own shares in a company the risk is that you lose money. I can't believe this is actually becoming an international incident about MONEY. most people are fucking greedy bastards. while the animals die.

We are addicts 12.Jun.2010 21:10


we are addicted to burning up and polluting our planet and too few of humanity are willing to make real changes in their lives. As addicts, we are unable and unwilling to stop our destructive actions. We are creating mass suicide.

Like most addicts we carefully follow the stages of addiction: We are emotionally addicted to our need to pollute. The things we consume and the way we treat the earth feeds a need emotional or social comfort or provides excitement.

We are mentally addicted to our destructive acts and need to consume harmful substances. We have been brainwashed by TV, the internet and other media-we commit an act to support our emotional need- we collect people around us who will support our need also. They remind us every day that we need to have these things that destroy us.

We are physically addicted - even though our actions are causing us great stress and many times loss of health and wellbeing, we commit the act more often to support our belief that it is good for us even when the act is destroying our lives.

And last we feel emotional pain and guilt because we cannot stop the action that is destroying us. We feel so much pain and guilt that we find ourselves stupefied, unable to move and needing to find comfort.

And, then we begin again. Because we seek relief from our actions, we continue to consume, to use fossil fuels, to destroy the environment. We live in a culture of isolation and consumption that really gives us no real depth of relief. We justify our actions by creating a philosophy of denial. We pretend that the problem does not exist. We create blogs and websites to deny global warming and environmental destruction, we shame those willing to stand up; we incarcerate those who actively try to stop the process of destruction. A few of us walk in circles in the street saying "NO!"

And even that has not helped to stop the warming of the earth and destruction of thousands of species each and every day.

Many of us say that we will be dead in 50 years so who cares what the earth will be like then. "The earth is over populated anyway"... (We throw in a little compassion to show we are still human) "Just don't let it be my family, my friends who will suffer."

We know we are doing it but cannot stop ourselves from buying cars, burning gas and petroleum products, burning coal. We consume anything thrown before us. Like any good addict we make deals; CAP and TRADE, concessions, deals to distribute the damage across the globe.

We are like a deer standing in a roadway, looking into the headlights of oncoming semi-truck. We seem unable and unwilling to move.

When surveyed many Americans reported that they could not give up their cars because there was not an infrastructure in place to support bicycling, they lacked physical ability to ride a bike long distances, they had to commute too far to work each day, and they needed space to transport their stuff and/or their children.