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Global Day of Action: We Will Be the Voice

On the first anniversary of the disputed elections in Iran and the uprising that followed Portland Stands with the People of Iran.
Join with organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Nobel Women's Initiative, Reporters Without Borders, Pen International and more than 60 cities around the world for a Global Day of Action, demanding an end to human rights abuses in Iran. Saturday, June 12, 2010
2 to 4 PM
South Park Blocks between SW Salmon and SW Main
(behind Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall)

In anticipation of the election anniversary, the authorities in Iran have intensified their oppression against the non-violent protest movement. Hundreds of men and women are in prison without legal recourse, several have been executed. Through our presence we wish to show that they are not alone. We demand democracy and human rights for Iran, the release of all political prisoners and an end to the violence.

More information on global activities

Parallel with other cities around the globe, we will symbolically adopt a Prisoner of Conscience to tell their stories and make sure they are not forgotten. We will have information about human rights violations in Iran and offer opportunities for the public to become involved.

Abdollah Momeni, our adopted PoC, the spokesperson for the Alumni Association of Iran (Advar-e Tahkim Vahdat) has been sentenced to 4 years 11 months in prison. He has been detained since his arrest on 21 June 2009 and was one of the more than 100 people charged in a mass trial before a Revolutionary Court with inciting the post-12 June election unrest in Iran. It is feared that he has been ill-treated in detention; when his wife and brother visited him in Evin Prison on 8 August, they reported that he was so weak he could not walk unassisted, that he appeared disoriented and had bruising under his eyes... Abdollah Momeni suffers from a gastroenterological condition and previously experienced kidney failure while detained and required medical treatment. He may not be able to obtain adequate medical care in prison now. (From Amnesty International USA, Action Alert)

30 minute Video from the 2009 Portland Stands With the People of Iran Event

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