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Video: Portland Oil Spill Vigil

On the evening of June 8, 2010, Portland citizens gathered at the AArleta Square in SE Portland, to stand in solidarity with those affected by the BP disaster and call for an end to America's addiction to oil.

Portland Oil Spill Vigil: Stand With the Gulf Coast
This event was part of a national Vigil organized by Moveon.org, on the 50th day since the start of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

After a few words from the local organizer and a minute of silence for those killed by the oil rig explosion and the devastation to those beings living in the area, various members of the community stood up and expressed their outrage at the spill and BP's meager efforts to fix the situation.

Besides disdain for corporate and government laxity in the face of such a monumental calamity, many also addressed our national addiction to petroleum and called for conservation of these resources, encouraging those present to find ways to live more sustainably.

Appeal was also made for citizens to connect with their elected officials and demand change, though many acknowledged that the move to sustainability rests with the people and it is up to them to determine the future.

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