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Is Hillary NUTS!

Who does hillary think she is talking to! Why does she not say the same things to u.s. congress! We just read that a dead texan left $9,000,000,000 to his heirs with not one penny to be paid in tax!
According to MSNBC:

"Hillary Clinton says to Latin America: Tax your rich. In visit to Quito, she says money needed to build roads, fight poverty. Clinton urged Latin American nations Tuesday to impose a heavier tax burden on the wealthy, saying the region's economic growth and competitiveness depend on it.

'Despite progress in some places, tax and budget systems are ineffective and inefficient in much of the hemisphere,' she said, noting that in many countries the burden falls too heavily on lower classes.

'But,' she said, 'in many places, it is also a simple fact that the wealthy do not pay their fair share. We can't mince words about this. Levels of tax evasion are unacceptably high as much or more than 50 percent in some of the region's economies when it comes to personal income tax.'"

Who do we think we are? 10.Jun.2010 09:44

Joe Anybody

I am sick of the US telling anything (to do) to Latin America

Hands Off Latin America