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Time to be a heretic

"It Is Time."
we can't keep do the same things over and over
we can't keep do the same things over and over
Open Letter to all Progressives--We Need Action. June 2010

There were two people I wanted to see go down in defeat during the primaries for the democrats, Blanche Lincoln, (D-Ark) and the wicked witch from the west, Jane Harman. They came close to being defeated but the establishment wanted the status-quo and now we have a problem. I have a suggestion that will put me at odds with most democrats but will come about someday.

I want all of the supporters of Marcy Winograd (D-36-Ca) and Lt. Governor Bill Halter (D-Ark) to vote third party and not support the democratic candidate even if it means losing those seats to the Republicans. Why settle for a cheap copy when you can have a real criminal to run against in 2012-14-16. When Harman and Lincoln lose, the real progressives should tell the dems, screw with us and you will lose the seat in the general election. That would scare the hell out of the bosses. What usually happens is that we say we can't vote for a republican so we vote for a Harman; it is not working for us folks, let's try something new. Sit on you hands or vote third party and watch the expression on the faces of the DLC creeps like **bill clinton, who went down to Arkansas and campaigned against the unions and for Lincoln. It is time, but do you have the balls to do it, we will take heat until it happens and then and only then will the corporate dems come around and ask for our help. Now they think that we have no place to go, we do. We often talk, write about the spineless democrats in DC, but I tell ya we, as a voting block, are also without courage. Many of you belong to a large part of the democratic party who want to vote for a candidate who will work to stop the wars/occupations, bring real medical care to all, jobs and more jobs in a clean environment. So, "Want to take a Ride?"

Please pass this along if you agree, we will be called heretics but may help get real progressives into office.

Joe Walsh
Individuals For Justice--Portland, Oregon
Veterans Against Torture

**Refuse to Capitalize due to disrespect and/or disgust

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

There are good people out there 10.Jun.2010 14:05

Lone Vet

From David Swanson a list of good people who are trying to make a difference:


There are some wonderful people from Oregon on the list, time to get active.