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VIDEO: Cheney's push of deregulators led to BP disaster

Lawrence Wilkerson speaks with candor about the "Cheney culture" and the Republican mantra idealizing the free market.
If it was supervised, if it was overseen, if it was regulated by the federal government, Cheney with his marvellous bureaucratic talent moved in and essentially replaced the people who were in the positions that were central to this regulation, this oversight, with people who were either lobbyists for the industry being regulated or executives from that industry.

A half century's work on regulation was demolished.

to watch the interview from www.therealnews.com, June 8, 2010, click on
 link to www.therealnews.com

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same wars, same oil regime, what's the difference? 09.Jun.2010 18:01

USA left vs. right lie watch

Obama got the BP money for his election--more than Republican candidates. Obama has been in power for over a year and a half, enough time to do something. The basic point is that Obama and Cheney, related of course as well, are conducting the same pro-oil, pro-military, anti-democracy policies. Only that it's time in the USA to dupe the left, just as under Bush it was time to appeal to duping the right. Both Cheney or Obama are the same route to fascism built in the image of whatever people are supporting at that moment.

There is a one party corporatist/banker state and they run both major parties and dislike any actual democratic politics. If you bought Obama, you were sold a bag of goods from the same corporations that were supporting Bush and visa versa.

Unimpressed 10.Jun.2010 22:49


We are shooting ourselves in the foot if we want to try to just blame everything on the Bush years (or republicans for that matter)...Certainly, that particular regime did a lot of de-regulating but that is frankly, the name of the game, whether it's Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Reagan or who the fuck ever. When the Democrats were handed Congress in 06, did anything change? No. When they were given the presidency, did anything Change? No.

Did Cheney cause this to happen? No, not really. It's the profit motive that prevents BP from making sure it's blow-out valves and other such things are inspected to insure reliability and safety.

Of course, I'm not trying to defend republicans here, or Cheney or Bush for that matter. Clearly, they are toadies. But this type of superficial thinking is a problem amongst progressives IMO... this problem existed long before the Bush regime and will continue for a long time after, until we finally do something about it.

There was a pretty good segment on Fresh Air today about all of this, and this idea was posed to the journalist on the show and I think he had a much clearer idea about the problems we face and real facts. Liberals fetishize the free market just as much as their Conservative counterparts.