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Google "Cop Friendly Coffee Shops Portland, Oregon" and....

Red and Black is the first one that shows up on Google Maps!
Maybe that can be a little deceiving, but explainable due to all of the recent searches.

By the way, Palio's in Ladd's Addition was the business that donated the coffee for the Victoria Taft non-event yesterday. I saw it on one of her listener's facebook page, "Where Can a Cop Get a Good Cup of Coffee?". Said they were afraid of retaliation or some nonsense. I'd say boycott, but that's up to whoever patronizes that cafe. I never have been there and I guess I won't start now, but I am thinking about serving Red and Black coffee and vegan donuts in front of their business between 8-9am one of these mornings. Maybe serve a little Food Not Bombs, if anyone is interested, that is. I mean, if Victoria Taft can do it, I guess that means we can too, right? The laws that they worship are for everyone, right, so it must not be against the law, right?

link? 09.Jun.2010 19:15


Can you provide a link to where a supporter said this? Or even a facebook profile?

Of course 10.Jun.2010 05:50


Facebook page for "Where a Cop Can Get a Good Cup of Coffee":

(palio's is the profile pic, although I can no longer find the comment linking them directly to the donated coffee comment....hmmmm)

 link to www.corneliaseigneur.com

KPAM Victoria Taft Facebook page w/ racist promo/mashup, "Illegal Alien Day" that producer was proud to contribute to: