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March for a Police Free Society, March Against the Police State

June 19th March for a Police Free Society!All are welcome!
The recent murders of 3 men by the Portland Police are not rare or isolated isolated incidents,despite what the mainstream media might lead you to believe.The continued harassment,brutalization, and murders by police will not be tolerated.As concerned members of our communities we must act togetherif we are to end their stranglehold over our neighborhoods.Portland Police are currently seeking a new union contract,and now is a crucial time for community members to hold police accountable and show resistance to police in our neighborhoods.The police union is refusing to hold public negotiations. Union lawyer Will Aitchison called the city's open negotiations "political", and argued that holding the sessions in public could inhinbit a free flow of information. June 19th is an important date for many communities throughout Portland;Queer communities coming together and celebrating on the waterfront, Juneteenth:the commemoration of the day Texas slaves were emancipated,and much less importantly the day the Current Police Union boss Scott Westerman will be resigning from his position. Every Portlander is affected by the police. Let's come together and let them know we are on our communities side. June 19th @ 3:00 Waterfront at SW Jefferson