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Matt Rossell Speaks on National Television Today for the Sea Lion Defense Brigade

While local "journalists" have consistently failed to ask any questions about the government's program of scapegoating and killing sea lions on the Columbia, the story was sucked right out from under them today by the national news. This is a story that has been meticulously covered here on Portland Indymedia for years now but, until today, the best the local corporate media could do was to either ignore the story completely or just repeat ODFW press releases verbatim, and curl up in the lap of the NW fishing industry.
It has been very frustrating to watch the truth swept aside in the corporate media all these years. So I am very happy to see this story today:


Matt Rossell, the NW director of In Defense of Animals, spoke out today and was finally heard. Millions of Americans got to finally see the faces of the animals being executed out here on the banks of the Columbia. Traffic on the Sea Lion Defense Brigade website has gone through the roof. At last, the story is getting out into the rest of the world.

It's refreshing to hear someone as visibly outraged by the killing as the situation merits, and the host of this news show is obviously astounded that wild animals could be scapegoated and put to death by our government for the crime of eating.

Great job, Matt!

homepage: homepage: http://sealiondefensebrigade.org

finally 08.Jun.2010 20:20


I can't understand why more people haven't seemed to care about this. I think it's been because no one even knows it's happening. Even right here in the NW, most people are unaware (probably by design). Thank goodness this story is finally getting out.

New Action Alert from In Defense of Animals 11.Jun.2010 07:19

Glen Venezio

In Defense of Animals has posted a new action alert for the sea lions issue: