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Divided & Conquered

Indy Media Artilce Divides & Conquers Community - Anarchist Community Now An Open Target
Well here is the article that probably started it: "Anti-cop picnic on the waterfront", by IPRB Independent Police Removal Board,  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/05/399902.shtml

What in the heck are we doing? We try to build community, but the minute we become anti-anything we have divided the community and opened ourselves to be conquered. And "they" took full advantage of it! Red & Black Café is part of our community, "the center" as "they" think of it. Well, we have been set up like a bowling pin! Read the Oregonian article "Red & Black Cafe Shows Portland Officer the Door, Won't Sell Him Coffee Again" by Lynn Terry at
 link to www.oregonlive.com

James Crooker, a Police Officer, former Marine who served in Iraq, visited the café to get a cup of coffee. One of the collective owners, working there at the time, felt uncomfortable about the officer's presence, politely expressed his feelings about being uncomfortable to the officer, and respectfully asked the officer to leave. The officer was cool with it, but Cornelia Seigneur, a freelancer for The Oregonian who was talking with the officer in the café, was not. You can read her spin on it on Seigneur's website:  http://www.corneliaseigneur.com/

Let's get back to my point: anti-anything or anti-anybody and sets one up for the old divide and conquer routine. Yeah, we set ourselves up and got it! An incident was created with unsympathetic witnesses present. We got the spin from two Oregonian writers, both online newspaper and blog. Double spin! Slammed! Now, according to the Oregonian writers' double slam: (1) the writers' in their own words "have kicked-up a passionate response," (2) we have created meanness, (3) we have created finger pointing, (4) we have created name calling, (5) we have disrespected a public servant, otherwise known as a police officer, in public, (6) we have disrespected an Iraq War veteran, who served to protect our freedom, (7) a police office can't get a cup of coffee from our community or have a place to relax, (8) we have discriminated against a person in our community, (9) we are against white suburbanite people, (10) we have humiliated a police office, and (11) firemen and EMTs are now against us. The fallout and flack from this set-up will make shit hitting the fan look like nothing. Remember, we did it to ourselves. Every nut, covert agent, and generally bad person will now focus on destroying a part of our community, the Red & Black Café, as an enemy to flag, God and country.

But let's remind everyone, including the corporate media: (1) It's still a free country. (2) Business owners reserve the right to ask anyone who is making customers feel uncomfortable to leave. (3) A few Police in Portland, who are violent and out of control, are making it bad for everyone, including their fellow police officers, as evidenced in this incident. (4) Local, state, and federal government, now under corporate control, have created a police state, because they fear the people who they are stealing from. (5) The corporate media lies, as you can see from the spin on the Red and Black Café

Solutions: (1) Anti-anything or anti-anyone opens us up for a divide and conquer routine from the corporate police state. (2) Watch out about what we say and how we say it, because it can and will be held and used against us by the corporate police state and its media. (3) As we can read from comments in the Oregonian and Seigneur's blog, this is not the United State of America. This is a fascist corporate police state looking for scapegoats as a diversion and we were their mark, set up like a bowling pin.

And, to quote from a bible quote from Cornelia Seigneur's blog:

"I shall remember the Lord and muse on Thy deeds". - Psalm 77:11-12

Wait. Please. 04.Jun.2010 09:30


Before the avalanche begins...

Lets not have this discussion on the internet please. please. please.

I'm Anti- this article 04.Jun.2010 13:16


You're kidding, right? We're not supposed to be anti- anything? It would be nice if we could not make "them" the enemy, but I can't see how imperialist war, police brutality, racism, and fascism are not evils to be opposed. How exactly do you propose that we oppose these things without being anti- anything?