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Video: Memorial Day 2010

Video from the Memorial Day 2010 event sponsored and hosted by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72.

[Video:] Memorial Day 2010
The commemoration was held at the Koran Wall in the Memorial Coliseum complex, where two members of the Veterans for Peace,Chapter 72 gave brief comments before Taps was played to honor those who have fallen. A third commentary from another member now living in Seattle was also read.

The first speaker, Grant Remington finished his brief comments: "So while we reflect on the names on this wall, let us learn to love and remember that there is only one ambition that is good, that is to live now that none may weary of life and none may have to do the task we leave undone- and that task is to make peace."

Another member of Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72, Harvey Thorstad reminds the crowd of the tragedies of war, but not just the fallen and physically maimed soldiers, or even their families, but those tens of thousands who have returned emotionally scarred by what they have witnessed and in which they have participated. Thorstad recounts examples of what happens in war, soldiers killing innocent civilians and having to live with this the remainder of their lives.

War is hell for many reasons, most of which have no relevance to one's life until those heavy circumstances arrive, often squeezing heart, mind and soul out into streams of homelessness, drug addiction, and the inability to cope with civilian life.

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