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The GLBTQQ Community Discusses Bashings in Forum

In a response to the gay bashings in the Portland area this weekend, a community forum was held tonight at the Q Center (4115 N Mississippi) by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Questioning (GLBTQQ) community to ask questions, get answers and come up with solutions.

On 5/30/10, three members of the Portland GLBTQQ community were attacked. Two of the three men attacked came to the Q Center to give their account of what happened over the weekend. Around 2am, a group left Red Cap and were walking past Living Rooms Theater including 3 drag queens and 3 queer men. They were attacked by an undetermined group of men. The men yelled, "Faggots" and advanced upon the group. One queen got hit three to four times in the face. The queer group fought back but were continually attacked, not only physically but with remarks like, "I hope you die of AIDS." One man, Birch, was completely knocked out.
The City and State Officials Panel
The City and State Officials Panel
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