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Boycott Jamaica: Death Squads Ordered To "Kill Males of Certain Age" by Govt.

Think it was weird under Manley and Seaga? Jamaican Security Forces Go Nazi
15 people huddled in here- They grabbed the son and shot him dead for no reason
15 people huddled in here- They grabbed the son and shot him dead for no reason
According to today's N.Y. Times, Jamaican "Security Forces" committed atrocities and cold-blooded executions on totally innocent, unarmed "males of a certain age" during their violent attacks on the Tivoli Gardens section of Kingston. Hard-core DEATH SQUADS kicked in the doors of everyday families and proceeded to blow out the brains of any teenage/early 20's looking males right there in the house, before the stunned eyes of their families. There are photos of bloody bedroom walls to back it up. The victims are appealing to the U.N. for help and forensics experts to gather evidence, but the odds of that ever hapening are pretty slim considering the orders to kill randomly appear to have been given by the highest levels of the corrupt narco-state government. Jamaica always does a good job of convincing potential tourists that it's like a trip to Fort Lauderdale, but every once in a while the ugly drug fueled ghetto/cop brew boils over and the really crappy side of third-world misery emerges for all the world to see. Jamaica deserves to be boycotted if it hosts a security aparatus degenerate and evil enough to emulate Gestapo murderers. No wonder the poor are so angry- we think America and the West are going through "hard times". That's a bad joke compared to the horrors of economic craziness besetting failed third-world narco-states like Jamaica. These are the same forces that eliminated Reggae Superstar Peter Tosh a long time ago for advocating legalization of Cannabis.