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Vancouver WA Overwhelms Kansas Hate Group

Over 200 students & adults witnessed clearly to "westboro baptist church" that there is NO room for hate in Vancouver WA.


And ... 01.Jun.2010 17:16

Den Mark, Vancouver

Earlier another demonstration, at the YWCA, drew 100 people, to deliver the same message. NO HATE!

Sarcasm Anyone? 02.Jun.2010 07:00

Rebecca Beasley

Look at this and tell me. Is this truth or is it sarcasm? Truth or Sarcasm I believe the writers of the "hate" groups are being sarcastic and using words to shock and awe people.

Numbers 02.Jun.2010 13:07

Den Mark

I'm always conservative with numbers at protests, but The Columbian & police estimate that almost 500 people protested for LOVE here in The 'Couve. I am proud.