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New cannabis lounge in PDX

Come support the "420 collective" and help us push the envelope toward freedom.

Cannabis is not only a more healthy and effective medicine for a pletorah of afflictions, but we can each independently manage our own health care without any connection to our fascist state by growing this wonderful plant in our own backyards and greenhouses and closets.
Countless patients have thrown their oxy-contin (as well as a large collection of other big pharma poisions) in the trash where they belong and replaced their pain management with the green goddess.

The grand opening of the newest (and now only) cannabis lounge in Portland will be Saturday June 12th with special guest David Rovics providing the entertainment. New members can begin signups on June 1st.

Highway 420 will also be a cannabis activist center where together we can end this ridiculous war on drugs and expedite the change that is long overdue.

6420 SE Foster