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Woman's Live My Life NOW Trek across the USA from WA to PA

Amanda Cochran has been waiting. Waiting to lose weight and get in shape to do the things she wanted to do. As a young mom, wife, daughter, caretaker and business partner, Amanda was waiting for the right time to make one of her dreams a reality: walking, biking, hiking and eventually running across the United States. "Trekking" as Cochran calls it, since it is a combination of all of the above. The waiting is over and Amanda has decided to live her life now as she walks from WA to PA.
Amanda started her "Live My Life NOW trek" on May 15th in Seattle at Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe with a send off party. Some snafus almost kept her from missing her own celebration. Amanda had emergency appendectomy surgery two months ago slowing down her training. Accompanied by her husband Rory, ten year old daughter Isabel, and their rescued pound pup, Shadow, Amanda and the family drove cross country from their home in Connecticut to Washington State in three days to make the send off. They got behind schedule when the travel trailer they were going to pick up in PA was without a title, and the second one they purchased was not road worthy. Now traveling without the trailer they counted on for storage and sleeping space, they sleep many nights sitting in their car, and Amanda has a front seat that won't recline, making it tough for her to rest her swollen feet.

Despite all the obstacles, Amanda and her family are forging ahead. "It's been really difficult", Cochran said, after a day of walking through Rainier, WA, "but at the same time we really believe in it." Each day they drive back from wherever they've slept to the spot where Cochran left off to continue the trek. Amanda is walking about ten to fifteen miles per day and will be building up to twenty. She'll cover over 3,000 miles and expects the trip to take close to a year.

Cochran is grateful for the support of her family, "It's great having them with me." Her daughter, Isabel is home schooled and there are many lessons along the way. For Amanda the most important lesson she'd like to teach her daughter is her own potential. "I'd like her to see that I can do anything. We can do anything and be anything. I want her to realize that anything can happen." Other perks for her, "She's seeing parts of the country she never thought she'd see. She's got a dog, she's riding a bike." Not to mention the time the family is spending together, "We don't have TVs or bedrooms to go to. It's always family time and she loves it."

Of her husband Rory, known as "Raw Dawg Rory" through his Raw Vegan Chef business, Cochran says, "I really appreciate that he supports me a lot. He left his family and home. It's harder for him than for me." And Shadow, the dog they recently rescued to accompany Amanda is turning into a great part of the family. "She is very giving and full of love."

Along the way, Amanda and Rory both hope to do some speaking and meet and greet engagements near their trek route. "We are looking to do talks along the way", according to Cochran, "I've already met a ton of cool people." Her husband Rory does demonstrations in healthy raw food recipes. Their goal is to raise funds along the way so they can complete their epic journey. If your town is in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, Amanda and Rory might be able to speak in your area.

Amanda is also reaching out for other support on her journey. Some supplies she and her family could really use are Gift Cards for Gas Stations or Motels, Straight Talk Minutes Cell Phone Cards and CDs that are motivational, musical or educational. Amanda's needs are simple but one thing that would help hugely is a small tear drop trailer so she can get a decent night's sleep. You can make a donation via her website or mail to Amanda Cochran, 5280A Carlisle Pike, New Oxford, PA 17350.

To learn more go to Amanda's "Live MY Life NOW Trek" log on to, www.livemylifenowtrek.com where she blogs about her adventures.

Giving up all her creature comforts wasn't easy for Cochran, "I was very comfy, I'm not comfortable now, but it's a lot of fun once you get off the couch."


homepage: homepage: http://www.livemylivenowtrek.com