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Four Recent Community Televison Programs On Various Themes

Four programs which aired recently on local Public Access: one on our banking system; two programs interviewing Vietnam Veterans; the third a program featuring Indigenous issues and culture.
"A Growing Concern" features two guests discussing the launch of the "Move Your Money Portland" campaign. Jared Gardner representing Real Wealth Portland and Ted Fertik, representing http://oregonwfp.org/"> Oregon Working Families Party

A Growing Concern, May 21, 2010.

Big banks extract wealth from our communities. Moving our money to Community Banks or Credit Unions is a simple way to take action and build real wealth locally. Also discussed is the movement in Oregon to open a State Bank; the only State Bank in the nation is in North Dakota.
This program has aired live every Friday evening from 7:00 - 8:00 on channel 11 since October of 1998, and is hosted by Jim Lockhart

Program two and three are recent episodes of the "Veterans for Peace Forum," sponsored and hosted by
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72 and produced at Metro East Community Media in Gresham, by Kellie La Bonty.
This program airs live every fourth Saturday on channel 11 from 7:00 - 8:00, and is hosted by Dan Shea, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72.

The first VFP Forum program is a taped interview with James Kasanos, Vietnam War Veteran.
Kasanos relates his Vietnam war experiences and also his experiences seeking proper medical attention from the Veterans Administration.
A brief glimpse at his web site will tell you much about the horrors of war and the sadism it always unleashes, whether in Vietnam or the Middle East.

VFP Forum, April 2010

The second program features two 1/2 hour interviews. First, Suel Jones, who, besides discussing his service in Vietnam, also discusses his recent book, Meeting the Enemy: A Marine Goes Home.
The second interview features Steve Gay, retired nurse, who addresses what many wounded soldiers face upon returning from service.

VFP Forum, May 2010

The final program is an episode of Native Nations. This program, produced at Metro East Community Media by Jim Lockhart, has been airing since July of 1995. The program is hosted by David Liberty, whose first guest, Sean Cruz speaks at length about Native American musician Jim Pepper.
Sean provides clips from dvd's about the musicians life and contributions both to music and Native culture.

Towards the end of the program, a second guest, Indigenous comedian Gilbert Brown, from local Native American organization, Bow and Arrow Culture Clubspeaks about the upcoming 40th Annual City of Roses Delta Park Powwow and Encampment, Fathers Day week end, June 18 - 20, 2010.

Native Nations, May 2010