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Marshall High School and the Lents Neighborhood are protesting the redesign of the Marshall High School as a "focus" school. Under the high school redesign, Marshall would be transformed from a neighborhood high school consisting of three small schools (academies) with a total student population of 700 into a lottery "focus" school of 400 students. The "focus" of the focus school remains undisclosed.
The Lents neighborhood considers its local high school an integral part of its infrastructure.

On May 18, the Marshall High School and Lents Neighborhood community decided to "boycott" the community meeting being called at Roosevelt High School and hold its own meeting in its own neighborhood at the Ararat Bakery. Roosevelt High School is not one of the proposed Lents' "feeder high schools" (currently Madison and Franklin High Schools are) and would have entailed a substantial commute for the affected families.

At this May 18 community meeting, Marshall High School and the Lents Neighborhood came up with a list of demands:

1. PPS must extend the 30-day public input period to truly hear from the community.
2. Marshall High School is to be a comprehensive neighborhood school.
3. Marshall High School and the Lents neighborhood schools are the largest catchment area in PPS. With no transfers, Marshall High School has the ability to build a thriving school.
4. Like any other successful school, Marshall High School demands equity in educational offerings.
5. Marshall High School and the Lents Neighborhood propose the creation of an Advisory Council consisting of students, families and community membesr to guide Marshall towards a successful future.

Support the students of Marshall High School, most of whom come from low-income and/or minority families. Support the struggling Lents neighborhood.

Please contact the School Board at  schoolboard@pps.k12.or.us urging them to adhere to Marshall's demands and not perpetuate institutionalized classism and racism.

Thank you very much for supporting student organizers, their families and their neighborhood.

Another Community Meeting 25.May.2010 21:25

A Friend

Community Meeting
Thursday, May 27 (this Thursday)
Marshall High School Campus
3905 S.E. 91st Avenue
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Everyone welcome.